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Eva BOUHASSIRA Architect PC   50 Hamilton Avenue Hastings on Hudson NY 10706   914-478-1223

The transformative power of architecture and the positive impact of good design are undeniable. Architecture is not about words, even though many can be said about it. It has a language of its own. It has expressions and clues, tone, shouts and whispers, suggestions and statements. There is always a story, sometimes even a novel. Every time we enter architectural work we undergo an experience. And if it's great, it makes for life well-lived.

Eva began her professional career working on commercial and institutional projects in New York City. After becoming a licensed Architect she founded her own firm. The projects are explorations which start without preconceptions. They evolve through collaborative process and interactions with the clients, their goals and inclinations, charting the path forward to custom tailored solutions. In place of one distinct architectural style, the work is committed to an open approach - one that is evidenced by the diverse nature of the past projects.

While employing responsible green design and technology and being sustainable is the core of the process, creativity, style and craftsmanship complete it. The projects in Westchester County include both contemporary and classical work, reflecting the inspiring mix of people that make the county their home. Some commissions are located as far as the verdant lands of upstate New York, Massachusetts and Vermont. In contrast, close proximity to NYC provides the firm with the opportunity to work in the greatest city in the world, with its fabulous and unique spaces.

The art of architecture is the ultimate aim. Full services are provided. Constructing reality from ideas requires diverse tools, starting with a roll of sketch paper, transitioning to computer visualization and working closely with budgets, bidders, permit agencies and construction teams. The firm guides projects through transitions from blueprints to the built environment.

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