Eva BOUHASSIRA Architect PC   50 Hamilton Avenue Hastings on Hudson NY 10706   914-478-1223

Through her years of experience, Eva has trademarked herself as an architect who offers an open approach and a collaborative process in which she guides her clients through the exploration of their goals, working towards custom-tailored solutions. Eva’s mission is to provide outstanding design and value and to complete every project using the industry’s best practices.

Architecture is a language from which stories are woven. Transformative at its core, the art of good design allows for expressions and clues, suggestions and statements to work harmoniously together as the supporting characters in the emerging story of a space. The positive impact of good architecture and creativity is undeniable. From pen and paper to construction and craftsmanship, the plans are brought to life.

Eva is at the forefront of implementing green, sustainable considerations and incorporating responsible practices. With a commitment to improving the built environment, she is dedicated to integrity and excellence.  Accomplished in both residential and commercial architecture, Eva’s know-how spans from classical to contemporary work, ensuring that each client can see their design dream become a reality.

Currently based in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY, Eva began her professional life in New York City. She continues to work on projects both in Westchester County and NYC. She also has projects located in upstate New York, Massachusetts and Vermont. An avid traveler, she spends her vacation time roaming the world with her family, always on the hunt for new inspiration.

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